Thursday, 7 April 2011

A day on Brading marshes

Finished work at a reasonable time, so decided on the spur of the moment to take a trip onto Brading marshes, passing the sewage works, and onto Centurians copse.
At the sewage works I saw my first Swallows of the year, a pair were flying overhead. I managed to get a picture as one landed on the overhead wires. Spring is here!!

On the sewage tanks, (Not sure of the real names!) lots of Chaffinches and Reed buntings were sifting through the stones for grubs. Very difficult to spot the small birds especially the reed buntings amongst the stones.

A robin was singing from amongst the spring blossom ...

As I passed through the copse, I heard a rustle to my side. Through a gap in a fence I could see a pair of eyes watching me! I tried to get a picture but decided that I needed to get closer. So I walked up quietly to the fence and gingerly peered over it, to be met by a beautiful pheasant hen. i was quite surprised that she didn't fly off or run, and managed to get a nice portrait...

Over the marshes onto Centurians copse, I managed to see 3 red squirrels, all of which were very shy, and not at all interested in posing for my camera! The best pic is below...

The spring blossom looked beautiful in the warm spring sunshine, although there was still a brisk wind...

                                                            All in all a very pleasant day!


  1. Lovely stuff. I'm so envious of your beautiful Red Squirrels!

  2. Yes we are very lucky to have them. There is a bird hide in Alverstone where you can feed them by hand if you are lucky. Will try and get some pics one day :)

  3. A very pleasant day indeed Dave. Gorgeous photo of the Robin among the blossom and you did do really well to get so close to the Pheasant.

    Red Squirrels, how wonderful! Such beautiful creatures and so sad that they are only seen in a few places, you are very, very lucky to have them there.

  4. Hi Shy, yes we are lucky to have the red's, watch out for more pics soon!!!
    Thanks for your comments ladies :)