Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Squirrel fun

Went to Alverstone bird hide this morning with Rob. The squirrels were running round like headless chickens, must have been trying to keep warm! I don't think the temperature got above zero in the hour or so we spent there, but watching these little fellas running round took our mind off of the weather.

Lots of birds were visiting the feeders, including blue tits, chaffinch, great tit, reed bunting and the beautiful long-tailed tits.
A jay was around but didn't want to have his photo taken. A dunnock was skulking in the undergrowth, and a squirrel was playing with a rat, which kept us amused!
After an hour or so we decided to move on as hypothermia was setting in. We popped into Oasis for a hot chocolate and scone (cheers Rob!)
Then after warming up we went to see the Glossy Ibis, now in its 4th day on Brading marsh. Today he was keeping his distance, so just managed a record shot.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Glossy Ibis alert on the IOW !!

Hi everyone,
Not been here for a while, but had a rather exciting day, so I thought I would share it with you all!
Yesterday evening I heard that a Glossy Ibis was back on Brading marshes again. When I finished work today I checked online and saw it was still around so I hot footed it down there, and thanks to the online reports I found this fella straight away. The light was fading so I set to work straight away, and got my camera clicking. The best shots are below...

I may go there again tomorrow after work if the weather is a bit brighter, after all I may never see one again who knows!

Yesterday Carol and I visited Pulborough Brooks RSPB, in West Sussex. It was only a flying visit, but whilst there I managed to see a flock of  Fieldfare, which was a new bird to us.
Before we left there, we had a lovely hot chocolate in the yard while we watched the birds visiting the feeders. As we left we did a bit of browsing in the shop. All of a sudden carol shouted "David" and beckoned me to a large viewing window. Lo and behold there was a Water Rail about 15 foot away, another lifer to add to my list. Managed to get a quick snap or two before he ran for cover...

 So, this year has started well, a Glossy Ibis and Water rail in two consecutive days, lets hope my good luck continues!!