Monday, 13 February 2012

Winter stroll to Alverstone .....

Carol and I decided on a winter walk to Alverstone along the old railway track. The temperature was barely above freezing, but we wrapped up warm, and set off. Shortly after setting off down the railway track, Carol decided we should go on the wetland walk, a diversion off the track. I wanted to carry on along the track, but in the end gave in! Lo and behold in the clearing we spotted a Bullfinch through our binoculars, a first for us! A good start to the day! Managed to get a record shot, this one won't win any prizes!
Back onto the railway track, we made our way to the hide at Alverstone reserve.
We went inside and had a nice cup of lemon tea, Carol in her wisdom, had decided to pack a flask.
The squirrels were raiding the pile of nuts, and their antics took our minds off of the cold weather.

A big fat Chaffinch was fluffed up to keep out the cold.
The Blue Tits were too fast for me!!
We saw, many Blue Tits, a lone Reed Bunting, Dunnock, Wren, A pair of Long Tailed Tits, a wandering Pheasant, Robin and Great Tit ...
After more hot tea, we decided we had to get moving before the frostbite set in!
On the way back we flushed a kingfisher from under a bridge. We also saw a Buzzard, Jay, and a Grey Heron flew overhead. The total for the day was 25, not bad methinks!!

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  1. Oh my goodness; that Red Squirrel is gorgeous and your pictures of them are great :D