Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunday stroll in the sunshine :)

Sunday morning was glorious so wife and I decided to have a nice walk. We have heard about the old railway line between Blackwater and Shide, but have never been on it, so that was our choice!
The scenic path seemed alive with birdsong, but not much wanted to come out and show as usual!
My first tick for the day was a Carrion Crow
We kept hearing the Chiffchaffs, but like my previous walk, we were finding them hard to show. All of a sudden to our surprise one started singing above us, and I managed to fire off a few pics before he disappeared, another tick! 
 The disused line was proving to be a good choice for a walk, and I soon added to my year list with a Red-legged Partridge. A pair were in a field and started to walk away from us as soon as we sighted them, as per usual, but managed an ID and a pic or two. 
 Next to show for us were a Kestrel on overhead wires, and a Buzzard, which was well spotted by Carol. She often spots birds before me, its always handy to have an extra pair of eyes to hand!!
Another excellent day out, and 3 more ticks for my year list!!