Sunday, 8 July 2012

Its a bugs life..

Sorry about the title, lol...
Ive been testing out my new sigma 105mm macro lens recently, and what a superb bit of kit it is!
As the weather has been so rubbish Ive been using my garden to test the lens, in between showers that is!
I hav'nt yet found all the names of all the bugs, as Im new to all this, so if anyone can put a name to any of these beautiful creatures feel free to comment and I'll update them all...
For the purpose of identification I will number the pics, any help with names will be much appreciated, I will ask the chaps on Wild about britain for any un-named creatures... :)

1.Fly close-up, Bluebottle
2. Flesh fly
3. Unknown fly

4. Unknown, but very beautiful, and small fly!
5. Marmalade hoverfly
6. Unknown hoverfly, possibly Eupeodes corollae
7. Bee? Lol... Told you im new to this!!
8. Ditto!!
9. Green bottle
10. Un-named spider
Thanks in advance for any ID help, tips on macro photography also welcome,
Enjoy the summer!!