Sunday, 27 February 2011

Year list progressing nicely :)

Well, its been 6 weeks since I started birding, and my year list is now up to 41, which Im pretty pleased with, as I also have to work!
This morning was sunny so went for a walk with the wife on the cliff path. Saw my 1st dunnock chirping away in the hedge by the cliff edge, never noticed them before, as they looked so like a sparrow. But after reading my books, are obviously different!
Saw a magpie, robin (pictured), and some (probable) greenfinches high up in the trees, too distant for clear pics, heard lots of chirping in the trees and bushes but nothing came out for a picture!
The robin, ventured close when we were sat on a seat, but didnt stay around too long to model for me.

Hopefully will go to Alverstone hide on tuesday, hope to see more of the great spotted woodpecker, only got a quick snatched pic last time. Maybe something unusual too aside from the usual Great tits, Blue tits and the like, fingers crossed!