Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A day out in the West Wight

We had a week off last week. Most of it was spent erecting a 9 foot square shed in our garden. Towards the end of the week I was getting withdrawal symptoms from a lack of birding, so as we had to buy a few bits in Newport in the morning, we decided to go onwards to Newtown and Yarmouth in the early afternoon. Just outside Newtown Carol pointed out a pheasant just ahead. I stopped the car and walked towards it. The light was perfect and the bird quite tame, but I didn't get to close in case he took off. Managed to get some lovely pictures (Below)

Onwards to Newtown. On arrival we were disappointed to find that as the tide was really high there were hardly any birds to be seen on the creek, what a disappointment! We managed to see a beautiful Little Egret, and managed to get a shot of it in flight.

As there was nothing much to see we set off for Yarmouth ponds, a site that had been recommended to visit. The ponds are next to a disused railway station, and also right next to Yarmouth estuary. As before, the high tide meant that the ponds were the best option. Would have loved to have had a scope with me, but still saving up for that one!! Saw a few Black tailed godwits, a first for me, did I mention I'm a new birder? The one below seemed to be guarding his own little island! 

Other birds seen were another Little Egret, Teal, Redshank, and Mallard. Next time we venture off out, a check of the tide tables will be a must!
Despite this, we had a lovely day out in the spring sunshine. Lots more locations to check out, keep watching!!