Sunday, 13 February 2011

How do you record your sightings?

Being a newcomer to birding, I was unsure of how best to document my sightings.
I bought a journal, and decided that I would log everything I saw. After my first day birding, I decided that I would prefer to document my sightings with my camera, as I love taking photos. As I am new to birding and am not always sure what I have seen, I prefer this method, so I can take my pics, then go home and study my books to confirm what birds I have actually seen.
I have also bought a PC application called "Bird journal" which enables me to log my sightings, upload pics, and keep track of my records. I would recommend this highly. It is available at :   and before you ask, I am NOT getting a commission!!
How do you list your birds, and what do you document?

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