Sunday, 10 July 2011

I love to go a-wandering ... Newtown and Yarmouth

Day off from work, and the wife at work, so decided on a visit to the west wight, Newtown NR and Yarmouth. A chance to try out my scope again, any excuse, lol....
Had a nice surprise at Newtown car park, at the entrance to the toilets, I noticed a swallows nest. This was right next to the toilet door, what a brave/daft bird to make a nest there. It was nice and sheltered but far from private, due to the visitors using the loo! I set my camera up a few yards away and took some film of the babies being fed. Also a few stills, trying not to disturb them, using my zoom lens. A very big highlight of the day.
Many more swallows were swooping over the estuary, once again trying the near impossible task of taking a picture of them in flight. This was the best I could manage ..
The parent swallows didnt seem to mind us being close to the nest, swooping over our heads to deliver the feed for the chicks.
Onto Yarmouth ponds and estuary. I got my first sighting of a curlew ...
A cormorant flew overhead ...
An Oystercatcher was next posing for me by the shoreline ...
A digiscoped pic of a Little Egret rounded off my day nicely ...
Note to self . . . Must update my year/life list on here soon!!


  1. Hi Dave, A great shot of the swallows - birds don't always nest with human convenience in mind do they! A nice strolling Curlew there too.

  2. Cheers Rob,
    Welcome to my blog!!
    I have a Nikon d40x camera, great for birds, not so good for macro, think I need a new lens, better get saving!!