Sunday, 27 February 2011

Year list progressing nicely :)

Well, its been 6 weeks since I started birding, and my year list is now up to 41, which Im pretty pleased with, as I also have to work!
This morning was sunny so went for a walk with the wife on the cliff path. Saw my 1st dunnock chirping away in the hedge by the cliff edge, never noticed them before, as they looked so like a sparrow. But after reading my books, are obviously different!
Saw a magpie, robin (pictured), and some (probable) greenfinches high up in the trees, too distant for clear pics, heard lots of chirping in the trees and bushes but nothing came out for a picture!
The robin, ventured close when we were sat on a seat, but didnt stay around too long to model for me.

Hopefully will go to Alverstone hide on tuesday, hope to see more of the great spotted woodpecker, only got a quick snatched pic last time. Maybe something unusual too aside from the usual Great tits, Blue tits and the like, fingers crossed!


  1. Hi Dave. Excellent start for a beginner birder and some super images. I'm sure the coast around the IOW will provide plenty of opportunities for winter waders and wildfowl to help add to your list.
    Thanks for the compliment on my main blog. The collages were produced using Picasa 3 (free from Google) but I'm sure there are plenty of other free progs available. Have fun. Cheers Frank.

  2. Hi Dave ,great blog , will check it out every now and again , hope you get as much enjoyment from your new hobby as much as i have over the years .