Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dry for a few minutes!!

In between the april showers, Carol and I ventured out for a sunday stroll. Knowing that rain was on the way for the afternoon, we walked along the the old railway line at shide, dodging the dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders on the narrow path.
 As we had had a lie in and missed the early action, the birds werent showing very well. A few chiffchaff's were singing, a wren was flitting around, and the blackbirds were singing beautifully, as was this chaffinch...
A kestrel hovered behing the trees, and a buzzard flew over....
The spring flowers put on a colourful show, including this lesser celandine next to a rusty box..
...the red campion beside the riverbank glowed in the sun...
A few butterflies were on view, but didnt stop to pose for my camera. An orange tip was spotted as was this peacock, which was very patient with me disturbing his peace!
Looking forward to some sunshine next week, as I have a holiday, as I get nearer Im not too hopefull, but we do need the rain I guess!!


  1. Great shots, Dave. Lovely to hear the chaffinch sing and they're such colourful little songsters. Fingers crossed for the sun to shine on your holiday!

  2. Hi Rob,
    Yes everything crossed for next week, I want to get out and do some birding, and take some pics. Need to brush up on my creepy crawlies and bugs too, so much to learn!!

  3. Hi Dave, lovely photos. It's now the middle of May, and there's still not a lot of sunshine in Sandown. Like you, I want to be out and about with my camera! Looking forward to your next post.