Sunday, 20 March 2011

IWOG Walk, onto Brading marshes...

Today we went along with members of IWOG (Isle of Wight ornithological group) on their monthly walk. We just wanted to see what the world of birding is all about, and wether or not we wanted to join the club! This month we visited Brading marshes, and had access to paths that are normally kept out of bounds. Among the birds sighted were, Chiffchaff, Cormorant, Reed bunting, and the beautiful Wheatear (pictured below), none of which I had ever seen before, so a few more ticks for the list!

Everyone was very helpful to us newbies, and they let us look through their scopes and £600 bins.Was really impressed with the brightness, clarity and image of these superb optics, compared to my £2.99 bins and Carols expensive £40 Minolta pair!! Need to start saving methinks, already on my shopping list is a 2x teleconverter for my Nikon camera, to transform my 75-300 lens into a proper birding lens.
A good set of binos is a must sometime, and before the winter some new waterproofs might be a good idea!
Yesterday (saturday) went for a walk along the cliff path from Sandown to Shanklin and back along the seafront, managed to get a nice pic of a Dunnock (below).

More birding this week hopefully, as we both have a week off work :) Watch this space!!


  1. Birding is addictive but a wonderful pasttime.

    Couldn't agree more about having a good pair of binoculars and great to be able to try some out. I don't use a scope as it's too much to carry with the camera/lenses as well. But waterproofs are a must :)

    Well done on getting the Wheatear.. such very pretty birds.

  2. This makes me feel nostalgic about the Isle of Wight and my early days of birding. You have many, many wonderful encounters ahead of you. I will keep a close eye on this blog.

    best wishes